Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This greedy cat has been caught begging for ice cream from his owner.

When Lindsay Williams, 24, settles down to eat, it isn’t unusual for her cat to beg her for food.

Feline Lucas, loves any kind of human food, including bagels, cereal, cheese – but he’s most excited by ice cream.

After finishing her dinner on July 30, Lindsay and her husband settled down to watch TV with a tub of Graeters S’mores ice cream.

With the ice cream catching the attention of the two-year-old cat, Lucas started begging on the table for the desert.

Lindsay found it hilarious and quickly started filming the moment.

The footage shows the domestic shorthair settled on the arm of the couch, sniffing and pawing at the spoon for the ice cream.

She added: “Once he settled on the arm of the couch and started begging from there, that’s when I took the video.

“I know ice cream isn’t quite the best thing for cats, so I usually only let him lick a tiny bit from a spoon.

Lindsay uploaded the video to a group on social media, where it was well-received by cat lovers.

She said: “He’s a very sweet and quirky cat, and I was glad I was able to show some of that to people.

“I’m glad to get such a positive response from the cat group as well as my husband and some of our friends.

“They thought it was adorable and hilarious, especially since Lucas does this a lot.”