Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This golden retriever really lives up to its name, after a near-decade-long game of fetch has seen him become a treasured tourist attraction in the Norwegian fjords.

When the Mandt family first brought their new golden retriever puppy, Dennis, along to their holiday cabin way back in 2010, they certainly didn’t expect him to become a local celebrity.

Eight years on, however, he’s now a beloved attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Nicknamed ‘Swimming Dennis’, whenever Tobias Mandt and his family vacation at their quant lodge in Vikanes, Norway, a tourist boat called ‘White Lady’ stops by to pay one member a very special visit.


Bearing gifts, one lucky tourist is given a bag of chocolate to throw into the sea, prompting diligent Dennis to hurtle himself into the ocean.

Paddling towards the bag, Dennis collects the gift in his mouth and delivers it back to his family, as a rapturous applause breaks out among those on the boat.

Beginning nearly a decade ago, the tradition started after workers on the boat used to throw chocolate to Tobias and his siblings as they played in the water.

However, not one to miss a trick, Tobias quickly weighed in on the action and his performance has become a seasonal tradition ever since.


Documenting his latest effort on July 8, on his official Instagram account, “SwimmingDennis,” Tobias, 18, said: “When we were kids we used to bathe and play in the sea as the boat came, but at some point they started throwing chocolate in the ocean for us.

“We kept it going for many years, but when Dennis first saw it, he decided to try and get it before we could.

“As we got older, we stopped swimming for the chocolate but Dennis has kept the tradition going ever since.

“He loves the attention he gets from it.

“When he hears the boat coming from far away, he get’s a bit wild and often we need to hold him back until the boat comes closer.

“He knows the routine, and if all goes to plan he gets a big treat at the end.

“Usually that means a slice of bread and lots of hugs.

“The tourists enjoy it so much.”