By Jamie Smith

A brave otter wasn’t fazed by the size of this huge crocodile – as he sneaked up on the giant predator and bit into his tail.

The startled croc, which had been snoozing at the time, quickly turned around, eager to show the otter who was boss and sent the tiny creature scurrying away.

Pic by Ashit Choudhary/Caters News 

The real-life David and Goliath sequence was captured by Ashit Choudhary while at the banks of the Chambal River in Rawatbhata, Rajasthan, India.

The 31-year-old software engineer said: “The crocodile was resting and basking in the sun.

“All of a sudden, I heard the sound of some smooth coated otters. One was approaching this big giant crocodile, which was almost four times its size.

Pic by Ashit Choudhary/Caters News 

“I kept my patience and waited there. All of a sudden, one of the otter started grabbing the giant tail and started annoying him.

“He tried to wake him up and wanted to move him out o his way.

“The sequence is all about how a small animal dares to mess a big crocodile. The otters was absolutely fearless.

Pic by Ashit Choudhary/Caters News 

“Size doesn’t matter. I was thrilled to see a little otter humiliate a big animal like that.”