Life Video

By  Ben Walley 

 The touching moment a teenager surprised her stepfather with adoption papers has been captured on film.

 Her mum, Katy Birch, filmed the event in their home in Prenton, Merseyside in June.

 Jaymi-Lea, 17, has called her stepdad, Jamie, ‘dad’ since she was five years old.

 He never imagined she’d chose to make him her legal father by asking him to sign her adoption papers.

The emotional video shows Jamie crying as he realises Jaymi-Lea has created a photobook with the papers included at the back. 

Mum, Katy, said: “Jaymi-Lea has called Jamie ‘dad’ ever since she was five years old, and that had been enough for him. 

“When Jaymi-Lea told me she wanted to ask Jamie to adopt her, I cried like a baby.

“It was completely my daughter’s decision to ask Jamie to adopt her. 

“We have never really discussed adoption, Jamie has always just been dad!”

The touching moment was caught on camera by Katy on Father’s Day, June 3.

 Katy said: “The day she gave him the book, she was feeling a little nervous, but mostly we were all super excited and emotional. I cried filming it, she cried giving him the book, and my middle child, Abbie, cried watching it happen.

“I’ve only ever seen my husband cry twice in 15 years, and to see him reading the book and watch his emotions come flooding in was an amazing warm fuzzy feeling.

“I knew he would get emotional, but I didn’t think it would be as soon as he did. 

“I thought he would cry at the end when he realised what was happening, but just to see the photos from when she was younger and the effort she had put into it made him emotional.”

“He is an amazing husband and best friend to me. I am disabled – I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome. He cares for me full-time while I’m bedridden with pain.”