Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

A beer-loving couple spent three months collecting 1200 bottle caps from friends and family to create a quirky floor for their downstairs loo.

The flooring includes bottle caps from beers, ales and soft drinks from their travels to South Africa, Holland and from friends and family across the UK.

It means together with pals and other helpers they swigged an impressive 792 pints [396 litres] of beer to create their fancy floor, excluding some of the twisted bottle tops that came their way. 


Husband and wife Alex and Jade Carter, from Fareham, Portsmouth, decided to try the unusual technique after they watched viral videos of flooring made from coins online and wanted to create their own version.

After spending three months collecting the bottle tops it took the couple just six days to lay the floor and only cost £100 for grout and resin.

Nail and eyelash technician Jade, 32 said: “We’d seen people do the penny floors and we had seen the tables done with bottle caps.

“I said to my husband why don’t we give it a go and do the toilet floor. I said surely if we grout it then it should work.

“My husband used to be in the navy so had put a few away that he had collected during his travels and we were actually wondering what to do with them.


“I spoke to a few of my customers who knew people that worked in pubs or owned them and asked if they could help us.

“There were quite a few we couldn’t use as when you take them off the bottles some can bend quite a bit.

“We used 1200 bottle tops in the end and it took us around three months to collect them all.

“My partner is a beer drinker and I’m more of a spirit’s person, so we have a few bottle tops from alcopops, ales and soft drinks in there too.

“All of the tops were free pretty much, so I am really grateful. It was the resin that cost the most.

“I thought if we grouted it with black it would look a bit more polished and then we poured the resin over it.

“My husband actually did this project. I had the vision, but he was really keen in putting them all down.

“It took a few days to glue the bottle tops down. It got to a few points where we had to lean on the ones already glued down, so we had to leave it for a bit while they stuck.

“It took about two days to glue them. Then we grouted it and had to wait for that to dry before we put the resin on top.

“Overall it took around six days to finish.


“The only thing was that I would’ve liked them to be the same way around, but I’ve grown to accept it now.

“When we finished we stepped back and knew it was the right thing to do. It looks better than what we were expecting.

“We are really chuffed.”

The couple admit that when they first mentioned their plans to friends they weren’t too keen on the idea but now it is the main attraction in the house.

Thankfully, although they took deliveries of hundreds of bottle caps every week for three months Alex, 31, hasn’t been put off his favourite tipple but probably won’t give DIY another go.

But he still has one or two touches to make to the 3ft by 4ft room. 

Jade said: “When I told people what I was planning on doing they couldn’t get their heads round it.

“I quite like quirky things anyway, so this was just an added extra to the house. I love it and people who visit love it too.

“It was my husband’s first ever attempt at DIY. I usually do most of it. I don’t think he would do it again though.

“Thankfully he hasn’t been put off beer either, he still drinks it and isn’t sick of the sight of bottle caps just yet.”