Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

This amazing footage shows how two brave thrill-seekers took the plunge and jumped from a 250m cliff over the stunning Jordanian landscapes.

Tim Howell, 28, from Portsmouth, captured the jump while on holiday with his partner, Eva.

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News

The former Royal Marine said: “We were in a place called the Wadi Rum which is a protected area in Jordan; it’s a desert with huge sandstone cliffs.

“It’s an absolutely stunning location.”

Tim and Eva were able to access the cliffs by talking to locals in the area and using guides to help them locate the best places from which to jump.

Tim, who has been carrying out jumps like this for over five years, said: “We always like to visit new areas to try and find new cliffs to jump from. 

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News

“This particular jump has never been done before, and the Wadi Rum is quite famous as it’s been used in lots of movies, such as The Martian with Matt Damon.

“This jump was quite different to ones we’re used to as it wasn’t as high. Usually to jump in a wingsuit the cliff needs to be 500m or higher.

“I jumped with the suit but Eva didn’t use one as the landing was easy as there was so much space.

“We did look for higher cliffs but they were inaccessible. I’d definitely want to go back and try again though.”

Tim said the jump was amazing and the scenery in the desert really made it.

He said: “For us it was really special; one of those jumps that will stick in my mind for a long time.”