Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

This is the heroic moment three police officers came to the rescue of a family of ducks, and gallantly save some ducklings from the depths of a dark and dirty drain.

The footage, taken by Harris Pogust, an attorney from New Jersey, shows how the officers lift the grid off the drain and fish the tiny ducks out using a fishing net.

Harris, 55, said: “I was coming out of the pharmacy and there were some people gathered around the drain.

“We realised what had happened, that some ducklings had got caught in the drain, and called the authorities.”

Harris said that the police turned up and while they helped to save the ducklings, the mother duck was wandering round, patiently waiting to get her babies back.

He said: “Once they were out, a group of people assisted in walking with them several blocks to the bay where they finally swam off.”