Bilal Kuchay

While a sight of a snake can give anyone goosebumps and prompt people to kill them, brave villagers in India surprisingly went on to give some private moment to a ‘mating snake couple’ in a busy block.

A video shows two snakes coil around each other in a seemingly affectionate tussle of ‘mating ritual’ in the Indian state of Assam as villagers watch in awe.

The snakes were seen wrapping around each other and raising their upper bodies in an attempt to subdue each other.

Scores of people including excited children in Lumding, a town in the northeastern state, captured the mating moment of the reptiles.

To not disturb the ‘madly in love’ couple, some villagers even put sheets and saris over the reptiles.

Such mating ritual can sometimes last up to an hour and takes place in spring.

Snakes are seen by Indians to be entities of strength and renewal in Hindu mythology and while there are incidents when snakes are killed by people in fear of being bitten, mostly, these reptiles are given utmost respect and revered in villages as Gods.