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german shepherd

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a German Shepherd rescued his canine buddy when there was SNOW way out.

While out walking in Tannersville, New York, USA, during the snowstorm Stella, Knuckles the blue-nose Pitbull managed to trap herself by a dumpster.

Seemingly unable to lift her legs above the deep powder, she looks helplessly towards owner Brian Wagner leading furry friend Kanawha to leap into action.

Using his larger frame, the German shepherd clears a route to and from Knuckles so they can follow it back to the clear path before appearing to tell her off.

Brian, from Brooklyn, New York, said: “I couldn’t help but chuckle at Knuckles.

“When she had walked around the back of the dumpster, the snow was quite shallow.

“However, when she hit the thick powder, it didn’t occur to her to retrace her steps so she just sat there.

“Kanawha frequently gets frustrated having to help Knuckles out of jams so it was almost like he chastised her at the end.

“It really isn’t behaviour out of the ordinary for these two.”