Video Viral

By Junior Sousa

This yoga mum was left red-faced after trying to copy her gymnastic daughter….and failing spectacularly. 

Polly Teller was larking around on the beach in New South Wales, Australia when she bravely attempted the forwards walkover mastered by her six-year-old daughter. 

But the mum, who practices Yoga, was left in an embarrassed heap on the floor when the stunt went hilariously wrong. 

She said: “I was copying my six year old daughter and her friends who were all doing it in the playground. 

“We were at the beach during school holidays, playing around. I do a fair bit of yoga so thought I’d give it a try.

“My friend Stef did it but I’m yet to master this trick.

“I had a slight pain in my shoulder but nothing serious.

“I advocate embracing your failures and wobbles through my Yoga brand Wobble Yoga.”