Offbeat Video

By Josh Saunders

An urban explorer has visited the abandoned WW2 tunnels used as a bunker control centre that has been sealed away for over three decades.

Warren Tepper, 32, from Hampshire, visited the site in Surrey, located in 300-year-old caves that were chosen due to the natural protection for switchboard and traffic control.

The now-rust-ridden locations could fit 30 people, housing office staff that moved from Waterloo in London – it was used as a communications base for the railway during the war.

With a large spiralling staircase leading down into the tunnels, Warren explored, finding the unusual spot ‘eerie’ but ‘cool’ due to the appearance of its long-forgotten features.

It was inaccessible until recently when construction works accidentally dug up the hidden entrance, enabling him to explore for his YouTube Channel Warren Urbexing. 

Now the entry point has been covered with a large metal gate.

Warren said: “It was very dark near the entrance even though it was daytime, when we went it was very spooky and scary.

“You don’t know if anyone or anything is in there ie, animals. 

“Whenever I am visiting tunnels they always have a unique feeling.

“When you know the history, you find that you start thinking what was where and what it would have been like back at the time.

“The air vents on the walls are normally the first things to be ripped off by vandals – they were cool.

“I liked the rust and how it made all the metal look on the spiral staircase, the phone switch board and all the old switches and fuse boxes 

“It did feel very eerie walking around in the tunnels as you never know what you might find and who might come in while you are in the tunnels 

“The spiral staircase was a very interesting feature for the tunnels.

“Online people have all loved the tunnels, some have commented about the stairs and how unsafe they were.

“I still went up, they also mentioned about the battery station that would have been there in case of power loss.”

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