Animals Video

By Andrew Kao 

A clever dog has helped to house train his puppy friend – much to the delight of their desperate owners. 

The helpful black Labrador, who rings a bell when he wants to go outside and go to the toilet, now also rings the bell for his younger friend – a cute eight-month-old Husky. 

The intelligent one-year-old canine mastered the bell as a pup but noticed his Husky pal was having difficulty catching on. 

Before the move, owner, Lincoln Palmer, 26, who is fostering the Husky for a family member, was having to clear up more more than five accidents each day.

But since his Labrador started sensing when the Husky wanted to go out and ringing the bell, there have been no issues. 

Lincoln, from Montanta USA, said: “We’ve been fostering the Husky for the last several weeks for a family member. 

“She has some kind of bladder issue, the vet is doing some tests still. She is not potty trained very well so was having five plus accidents in the house everyday. 

“We have our Labrador ring a bell to go out to potty. We could not get the Husky to ring the bell or even tell us when she needed to go despite trying for two weeks. 

“Finally, our Lab decided to take it upon himself to ask us to let out the Husky when she needs to potty – it took him about two weeks of watching us clean the mess and scold her for it. I guess our Lab can smell it or sense it.

“We’ve had no accidents in three days. The Husky will be laying down or wandering the house and the Lab will run over and ring the bell and the Husky will run sprint outside to potty.”