Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Watch this amazing video of a Monarch caterpillar going through the most awesome stage of metamorphosis.

Filmed by nature photographer, Leslie Leathers, the footage shows the newly formed butterfly squeezing out of its chrysalis in order to complete the transformation process.

And as it swirls its cocoon round and round, the butterfly can be seen forcing the head off its old caterpillar body.

Leslie, who filmed the footage in her back garden in Arizona, said: “The Monarch caterpillar starts off as a tiny egg and grows quite quickly until it finds a place to create its chrysalis. 

“Once it’s done this it hangs for about a day and forms a J like position and then it starts to shrink itself and in the process it forces its head off!

“From this point it hangs for approximately 7-9 days and then it will be a butterfly!

“To see that transformation is just beautiful!”