Offbeat Video

By Junior Sousa

These crazy daredevil risk takers play good Samaritan as they help a man dicing with death while hanging from a rock in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The men were trying to capture the perfect picture on the top of “Pedra da Gávea” when a fellow risk taker came into their shot and started hanging from the rock.

Taken by Alencar Amaral, a professional climber, he said: “The day was perfect for us, a lot of sunlight where we could clearly see the “Bairro de São Conrado” down below us.

“The intention was to take a picture with all the optical illusions around, but it was difficult to do due to the risk of being very high from the ground where the photographer takes the pictures.

“I was preparing to take a picture of two of my friends, and was telling them where to position themselves, when another man comes in and hang himself to the rock for the picture.

“In the end he was struggling to get back up, but luckily nothing major happened as my friends jumped in to help him out.”