Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

This hilarious video shows one man using a basketball net as a makeshift pinata.

 Captured in Houston, Texas, the video shows Nelson Rudea using the net to shake the pinata over his seven-year-old stepson, Luis.

 Gisselle Rueda, 16, who captured the footage, said that the basketball net was used because the garden where the family gathered had no trees. 

“The story behind the video is that my uncle the owner of the house does not have a tree in the backyard therefore could not hang the piñata from anywhere up high.

“The only option was the basketball net! So he sent my stepdad to hang it and made the best of it for the children to have fun.”

Out of shot, Gisselle’s brother Luis can be seen trying to hit the pinata while the rest of his family giggle hysterically.