Video Viral

 By Andrew Kao

 They say never work with children or animals – and this video shows why!

 Captured during one girl’s family holiday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the video shows Amaris Lucio posing outside a restaurant in the resort posing with four parrots.

 Three of them are perched on her shoulders and head while one lays in her hands.

 Everything appears to be going fine until one of the cheeky parrots decides to take a bite at one of Amaris’s eye-lashes.

 The bird even tried to gouge out her eye!

 “We went to eat at the Ibiza cafe in central beach and right outside there was a stand to take pictures with the parrots,” the 17-year-old said. 

“Of course, I bugged to get a picture with the birds cause I thought they were cool and pretty.

 “The guy laid all the birds on me, two on my shoulders, one in my hand ‘playing dead’ and the other on my head.

“At first the bird was giving me kisses on my cheek and mouth and then it got close again, thinking it was gonna kiss me again but instead it bit my eyelash and pulled it off and ate it.

 “I was scared and so shocked. I didn’t wanna react or scream or move at all because I didn’t wanna make it even worse and maybe have them attack me.

“In that moment I was just scared for it to poke my eye out and wanted them off of me already.

 “Even after, he still tried to poke at my eye with his beak but Luckily the guy in charge of the birds got them to stop and finally took them off of me and I was so relived.