By Mollie Tracey

‘Miracle’ twins who were close to death have defied the odds and survived after undergoing complicated keyhole surgery in the WOMB.

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Jayde Chorlton, 27, and partner Marcus White, 35, were told at their 16 week scan that their twin boys had twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

The condition, which affects identical twin pregnancies, occurs when the blood vessels of the babies’ shared placenta are connected – meaning one twin would receive all of the nutrients needed to survive.

The devastated parents-to-be were told that their babies would die without life saving laser surgery, but even if the surgery went ahead, there was still a 65 per cent chance that one or both twins wouldn’t make it.

Desperate to give their boys the best chance at surviving, the pair went ahead with the risky procedure, but were thrilled to hear it was a success.

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For the rest of her pregnancy Jayde received weekly scans to check the boys were still alive and on May 20 Jenson and Rocco were born via C-section.

Now, 10 months old, the boys are thriving, and have even bagged themselves 60,000 followers online – and a modelling contract.

Jayde, a full time mum from Essex, said: “I was over the moon when I found out we were having twins, but at our 16 week scan we were told the devastating news that they might not survive.

“Marcus and I were terrified, we didn’t understand why this was happening to our babies and that it could all be over so quickly.

“Before the surgery I was asked to sign a document to ensure I understood the 65 per cent chance that I could lose both twins, it was heart-breaking.

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“But we knew that without the surgery they didn’t stand a chance, it was our only option.

“Watching the surgery take place on the screen was terrifying, it was a really dangerous procedure and if the laser that was separating them touched the boys it could have killed them.

“For the rest of my pregnancy I was scanned every week to check that the boys were still alive, but at 33 weeks one of the boys looked small and so I was booked in for a C-section.

“Thankfully they arrived safely and are doing amazing, they are just perfect and Marcus and I are so proud of them.”

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After being diagnosed with TTTS at her 16 week scan, Jayde was referred for Placental laser surgery the following day at the University College Hospital in London.

Under ultrasound guidance, a needle was inserted into the amniotic sac of the recipient twin, Jenson, and the vessels that were found to be shared between the boys were then severed using a laser.

This meant each twin could receive an independent blood supply from the placenta.

She added: “Rocco was the donor twin and so wasn’t developing, he wasn’t receiving enough nutrients and his blood flow was restricted.

“Jenson was receiving everything and he had a build-up of fluid around him.

“Because my diagnosis was stage three, the condition was also causing strain on their hearts.

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“I constantly wondered how I would ever cope if I lost one of them, I had always joked that I wanted twin boys and selfishly after seeing them on the screen I didn’t want just one baby.

“But even after the surgery we still weren’t out of the danger zone as there was a chance that the twin to twin transfusion could return at any point.

“I didn’t discuss the chances of the boys being stillborn with the consultant, but the thought did cross my mind but there was nothing more we could do, I felt hopeless.”

But a scan at 33 weeks revealed that Jenson was now in fact smaller than Rocco and so Jayde was booked in for a C-section two days later.

Jayde said: “Even though I was petrified, thankfully everything went to plan and the boys came out screaming which was a huge relief.

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“I saw them for a few minutes before they were taken to the neo natal unit where they spent three and a half weeks.

“It was so hard to leave them there but on June 13 we were finally able to bring them home and they have been doing great ever since.

“They are very loving, at first Jenson was more demanding and Rocco was very chilled out, but now they seemed to have swapped around.”

As the boys grew, Jayde started to upload pictures of them onto her Instagram account and within a matter of months she gained over 60,000 followers.

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She added: “It started off as a bit of fun but their pictures suddenly became really popular, companies now send me free clothes for the boys to wear which is great.

“They are signed to an agency in London and had their first modelling job for Next at just 12 weeks old.

“They are now starting to interact with each other, which is really special to see, and Marcus and I are so proud of how far they have come.”