Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A sailing instructor was left lost for words after experiencing a pod of almost 100 dolphins swimming in the waters surrounding the Isle of Man.

Jenni Kneale, a sailing instructor of 12 years, was besides herself when the feeding dolphins surrounded her boat during a daily sailing class on July 16, in Port Erin, Isle of Man.

Dozens of fins cut through the water, providing people watching on with a unique and unexpected experience.

Though common to see dolphins off Port Erin’s coast, it has never been known for such a large pod to visit the waters of this area to feed.

The dolphins, who appeared so focused on catching their next meal of sand eels, mackerel or herring, were oblivious to the kayakers and sailors present.

Jenni said: “This was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever encountered – I feel truly blessed to have been in the water and so close to the pod.

“It is not common for a pod so large to be swimming in the bay at Port Erin.

“I estimated there to be up to 100 dolphins in this pod.”