Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

A doting owner has captured the hilarious moment her three dogs demonstrated their own, unique yoga poses.

Kaitlyn-Monique Caine-Clarke was watching her three pooches in the back garden as they practised what she describes as ‘doggy yoga’.

Buddy, three, Cherry, three and Sookie, eight, can be seen stretching in the back garden – seemingly demonstrating yoga moves.

The footage was captured in Kaitlin-Monique’s back garden in Joondalup, Australia.

Kaitlyn-Monique said: “They do this every day out on the grass, but I’m not sure why.

“When I saw them I was surprised that all three were in a semi-circle and was just wondering what they were doing – they are so weird.

“But other people who have seen it love it and think it’s hilarious.

“My dogs have amazing personalities, they each love having their picture and video taken!”