Offbeat Video

BY Ben Walley

 A young adrenaline junkie has avoided the gym thanks to his own crazy rooftop workouts. 

Khalid Tenni, from Rabat, Morocco, decided to climb this rooftop after struggling to find enough space to workout on the ground.

The 23 year old wakes up every morning seeking new crazy stunts to endure and lives every day as though it’s his last.

This video clip shows Khalid lifting his own bodyweight while dangling hundreds of feet above the ground.

 The professional athlete said: “I’ve been searching for new heights and things to film since I was 14.

“In this video I am working out on a rooftop and pulling myself up with no support. 

“My mum is always worrying about me and often won’t sleep until I come home.

“I love making crazy videos and will always seek new challenges.

“I started filming my training on rooftops in 2015 and that’s when I started my YouTube channel.”