Offbeat Video

By Junior Sousa

Faceplant? Swan Dive? Scorpion? Whatever you want to call it, this fun-loving female nailed the ultimate belly flop fail in spectacular fashion. 

Kristy Adcock was on a Bachelorette party in Miami when her girlfriends started launching themselves into the ocean.

Kristy said:”We were taking photos and making videos as all the girls jumped off the boat. 

“I was going for a good laugh and decided my jump of choice was a swan dive belly flop. And that is indeed what happened!”

Explaining that although the ‘face-plant’ and ‘slight scorpion’ were not fully intended, Kirsty, from Los Angeles, said they made the dive so much better.

She said: “You can hear me scream with victory when I pop out of the water…it was everything I wished it to be…no injuries, and I came out with a WIN!”