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By Josh Saunders

A teacher who is paid to go on dates with ‘nerdy’ guys has made over $10,000 (£7.6k) scoring shopping sprees, basketball tickets, and more.

Rochelle, 27, from East Bay, San Francisco, USA, started using WhatsYourPrice over a year ago, a site where men pay to take out attractive women. 


She believes her ‘hustling’ skills have helped her make the most of the dates and even after them, she’s been able to convince dates to send money to her.

It has seen her watch the Golden State Warriors play-offs, get tickets for a Universal Studios pass, clothing, along with all you can eat and drink events and Uber rides for herself, her sister and her friends. 

She claims to have been on around 15 dates with five men from leading firms including Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn and Pandora.

Rochelle, a middle school teacher, said: “It’s been quite a ride, I’ve made so much silly money from these guys. 


“All you have to do is show up, if you show up you’re paid and it’s good, for an hour you can get a thousand bucks.

“It has led me to lots of nice dinners, fun events, basketball games, Golden Warriors games, all you can eat and all you can drink events, including them hanging out with me and my friends.

“When I tell them, I need some money they say, ‘How much?’ and I say, ‘A lot… like $850 (£640)’ and they send it.

“There is one guy who knew I like basketball and The Warriors, it was during the playoffs and he found tickets and asked if I wanted to go.

“He must have dropped $1,000 (£760) on tickets and another $500 (£380) on dinner and drinks, then I invited my sister, her boyfriend and my friends to come after.


“All our Ubers, food and drinks were covered, who knows how much he spent. 

“I was in Los Angeles and wanted to go to Universal Studios, I asked if one could get my ticket and he sent money for a pass. 

“Dating and meeting people for money is cool, it’s what you make of it. 

“I feel like some guys are like, ‘You are so hard to read’ but I feel like some of them are weirdos who don’t know how to approach women.”

While a lot of men want something more than companionship, Rochelle is adamant that she has not slept with any of her dates. 

Rochelle said: “You know you are on a date, so it’s not like hanging out with a person, but I’m a chill person, I like people who like me.


“You can tell some guys want more than the date and want something physical, but for me I’m like ‘Ok, this is cool, but I won’t hook up with you just because you paid me.’

“A lot of my married friends wish they could do it, I think some people believe I’m lying when I say that I don’t have sex with them, but I never have with any of them.”

For Rochelle bartering is a big part of her experience, with her being unwilling to go on a date for anything less than $200 (£150).

But she maintains she does not pity the men, most of whom claim to be on six-figure-salaries.

Rochelle said: “If you’re scared to give-up $200 (£150), when you list your salary as six figures, I’m not interested, what does that figure take away from you.

“You could be on Tinder and a guy could still pay for the date when you meet at a bar, for me I charge for my time.


“When guys need to reschedule, I tell them they need to compensate me and often they will send double the money agreed.

“A lot of people tell me they respect my hustle, some guy friends are like ‘Wow, how dumb are these guys.’”

Rochelle advises anyone using WhatsYourPrice must set clear standards about what their worth. 

She added: “You can never get your time back, I had to coach myself on that to be honest, it’s not just about the money, which is great, but it’s also your time. 

“You can always get money but not your time back, so be smart and do what’s good for you.”


WhatsYourPrice has over two millions and claims to be the first date-site engineered towards singles wanting to make money from their time.

Paige Berger, WhatsYourPrice Public Relations Manager, said: “By attaching a monetary value to the date, users don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of messaging, allowing them to get straight to their date. 

“Rochelle is certainly one of those people who understands the value of her time and has gotten the most out of the site. 

“While I wouldn’t say that cases like hers are common, we definitely have a number of users that do earn quite a bit through WhatsYourPrice. 

“The earning potential, whether that be financial, through gifts or any other form of incentive, is certainly a motivating factor for signing up for WhatsYourPrice.”

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