Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Massive flooding created bizarre mountains of water next to the side f the road.

Sam Pearson filmed the dark brown torrents swirling along the Arroyo Chamiso drainage ditch outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, on July 23.

As waves churned inside the ditch, they created rolling mounts like a dinosaur’s back.

The waves are called hydraulic jump swells, caused by pressure build up at a point where the ditch narrows against a concrete bank.

Sam said: “I have never seen such a severe storm or flash flood in my life growing up in this area.

“The Arroyo is dry most of the year and was dry not an hour before the footage was taken and had dried up completely by the following afternoon 

“The flooding persisted for at least 2-3 hours.”

The phenomenon occurred after three inches of rainfall fell in less than two hours in the desert state that only sees 13 inches annually.