Life Video

By Katy Gill

A relieved owner of an escapee puppy couldn’t help but giggle with joy after being reunited with the overly-ecstatic jumping pooch.

Joyce Adam’s 12-month-old husky-mix puppy, Daisy, had escaped from her house in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, two weeks prior to this emotional reunion video being filmed.

Daisy was eventually found by local animal control staff following her escape, but after being handed over to Jackson Friends of The Animal Shelter, a foster home for homeless animals run by volunteers, it would be a further two weeks before she would be reunited with heart-broken Joyce.

During that period, Joyce had tried in vain to locate the blue-eyed pup, only to eventually strike lucky when she contacted the shelter.

When the pair reunited, on July 2, 2018, Sarah Ulmer, 26, a volunteer of the shelter, opted to film the heartwarming moment, showing the emotional toll of their separation. 

She said: “To be able to see an owner reunited with their lost pet is a really cool feeling, and during this moment, I was crying just a little.

“I think their feelings are pretty obvious in the video that they were both very excited to be reunited.

“The moment lasted only a few seconds long, but it was clear that Joyce was overwhelmed with gratitude the entire time she was in the shelter, waiting to see Daisy.

“After we realised she was Daisy’s owner, she was able to take her missing puppy home.

“Jackson Friends is a group of foster homes that partner with the city shelter to help with the pet problems that we suffer from here in the south.

“The lack of laws that don’t prevent over breeding mean a lot of times we’re overrun with the amount of animals that we see in city shelters.

“Our organisation tries to help the city shelter by providing foster homes for these animals in the hope they get adopted or sent up north to have a better chance at being re-homed.”