Animals Video

By Andrew Ka

Thousands of frightened sardines leaping out of the sea and into a boat made the water look like it was ‘boiling’.

As Lu Jungwai was in his fishing boat in a Taiwanese port on July 20, the harbour underneath him came to life.

The enormous shoal of fish began jumping out of the water at Bisha fishing port in Keelung, Taipei, causing the surface to froth manically.

The 31-year-old believes the fish had becomes spooked by a group of predatory barracudas nearby who were on the lookout for a quick bite.

In the video posted to his Facebook page, Lu can be heard shouting ‘it is so scary, I am being attacked by fish’.

Along with his friends, the fisherman drastically tries to get all of the fish back into the sea where they belong.

Lu said: “It was like the fish had suddenly rioted, it was quite frightening.

“I had seen barracudas swimming underneath my boat a couple of days before, so I think it is their hunting season.”