Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall 

As all parents of young children know, trying to eat a meal in peace can be impossible but this orangutan mum clearly had a real struggle on her hands as she was filmed stopping two baby orangutans from stealing her food. 

The wearisome mum can be seen munching on some juicy leaves while two lively youngsters jump all over her and attempt to steal the tasty treat. 


Determined not to give in, mum, Dinda, gently pushes the naughty babies away several times before they eventually give up. 

The funny footage, which features Dinda’s daughter Lintang, who is four months old and Dinda’s neice, Niah, who is 10-months-olds, was shot by Klara Beck, a nurse from Germany, during a visit to Rostock Zoo.

The 66-year-old said: “Dinda persisted and after three attempts they gave up.”