Video Viral

By Ben Wally 

This is the grisly moment a teenager popped a huge spot on his chin – firing puss all over the mirror in front of him. 

Desperate Jacob Fieldhouse, 18, was so tired of the troublesome cyst which kept reappearing he took a pin to it and was filmed by mum, Kate Kronenbach, as the growth dramatically exploded. 

Kate, 46, from Caldicot, South Wales, said they had been to the doctors numerous times over the past few months and were told the cyst would disappear on it’s own but much to Jacob’s dismay it wouldn’t budge. 

The full time carer said: “Jacob was really fed up of having that on his face. 

“He’s watched pimple popping videos and asked me if we could just try and pop it. 

“Not having sewing needles in the house, the only sharp thing we had to hand were the thumb tacks. So I sterilised it by boiling and I also cleaned it with antibacterial wash. 

“Jacob has full body eczema so cleanliness is highly important to us. 

“The surface of the cyst was numb from the pressure of it so it didn’t hurt. He wanted me to video it so he could see what it was like afterwards. Typical teen. 

“After the video he continued to squeeze until what he assumes was the sac came out. 

“Since then it has gone completely. He didn’t get any infection and the only visible trace it was ever there is a tiny hole which you don’t notice.”