Nature Video

By David Aspinall

 This illuminating footage captures the moment a lightning bolt strikes an erupting volcano.

 As Annabel Ronald was watching from her hotel rooftop in Antigua, Guatemala, on June 23 she saw Volcan Fuego explode before her eyes.

 With smoke already pluming from the volatile crater, a bright crack of lightning flashes down from the moody sky and hits behind the mountain.

 Like the huge charge of electricity has fanned the flames, a huge puff of smoke rises into the clouds above as the 22-year-old student filmed.

Annabel, from Otago, New Zealand, said: “My mind was blown, in complete shock by it all. 

I just so happened to be on the rooftop taking a snapchat of the volcano to send to friends and family when the random lightning struck. 

It was just lucky that the big bolt of lightning decided to strike the peak of the volcano as I was filming.

“After the lightning struck, the eruption got a little bigger as though the lightning triggered it, but I don’t know if that’s true since it seemed to randomly erupt anyway.

“We had arrived in Antigua a few weeks after the tragic eruption of Fuego that ruined many people’s homes and lives.

“There was still a lot of ash in between cobblestones and the volcano seemed to erupt very often, puffing smoke and ash several times an hour.”