Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A creative musician transforms spider crabs into incredible sounding didgeridoos.

Not content with carving stunning wooden instruments, Kazuki Kitagawa decided to turn his hand to the crustaceans famous to Heda, Shizuoka prefecture, in eastern Japan.

Pic by Caters News: Kazuki Kitagawa fashioned a Didgeridoo out of a 3m long crab.

The 34-year-old turned the giant crab into a stunning 320cm long didgeridoo after taking inspiration from the seafood after moving to Heda in July 2016.

Receiving his raw materials from a local restaurant, Kazuki unveiled his first spider crab didgeridoo in July 2017.

Kazuki said: “I was just so amazed by the size of the crabs that I had to work with them.

“Heda is famous for the spider crabs and I wanted to merge my two passions – didgeridoos and the town I have made my home.

Pic by Caters News: Kazuki Kitagawa performing live

“I couldn’t think of a better way to promote the town.”

After learning to play the didgeridoo at the age of 22 in Australia, he began selling his creations for the first time in November 2011.

Kazuki’s love for the wooden instrument came from a serious bit of bad luck from travelling to the country to be part of a band.

Kazuki said: “When I went to collect my guitar after my flight, I found it had been smashed because of other passengers’ luggage.  

Pic by Caters News: Kazuki Kitagawa with a massive crab

“I was so disappointed and walked in Sydney, where I found a souvenir shop.

“Spotting a didgeridoo, I bought it and started playing music on the streets of Sydney.

“One day an owner of a didgeridoo shop talked to me and offered me a job. 

“From then, my skill got better and better.”

Pic by Caters News: Kazuki Kitagawa fashioned a Didgeridoo out of a 3m long crab

One of the normal didgeridoos sells for around 80,000 Yen (£550), however his special designs fetch up to five times that amount.

Kazuki said: “I hope to receive orders from around the world.

“Having already made didgeridoos from Udon noodles for Kagawa prefecture and turban shells, I would love to make something from pasta.”