Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

A man was caught on camera just casually walking in the middle of the road- thankfully the driver managed to slow down before it was too late.

Steven Taylor, 32, a software engineer, was on a drive with his wife on June 15 in Aripeka Florida, when he saw a man strolling in the middle of the road. 

Fortunately Steven reduced his speed on time but the man did not even bother to check if anyone was coming- he is later seen in video crossing the road.

“I’ve seen people in the road before but I’ve never had a situation like this where he wasn’t visible until the last second- the town is very small and people walk on the road and fish from the bridges a lot.

“He got out of the road not long after I passed him but I still don’t think he even knew I was there and how bad of a position he was in.

“I think my reaction was pretty calm. My wife however is the one who screamed – I was definitely surprised when he came into view.

“I hope the video serves to show people why it’s so important to pay attention to the road when they drive and follow the speed limits.

“If I had been speeding or been distracted with my phone I could have easily hit the guy.”