Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

This is the moment a blonde jogger was caught DEFECATING at the back of a wine shop during a morning run – leaving a ‘large deposit’ for horrified staff to clean up.

CCTV shows a woman casually sauntering into the courtyard behind Porter’s Liquor, in Sydney, Australia, at 08.36am last week [July 17].

The shameless ‘poopetrator’ then pulls her leggings down, squats low for 60 seconds and unleashes a ‘torrent’ of excrement before wiping herself twice on tissue and tossing it to the ground.

Disgusted store owner Jim Shwilk said this is the SECOND time he has seen the runner use the courtyard as a public toilet in 10 days – just yards from a busy road.

He is appealing for the phantom pooper to seek ‘appropriate assistance’ and hopes releasing the footage will act as a deterrent.

Jim, 61, said: “The situation is certainly awful.

“Around 10 days ago we came across a rather large deposit at the rear of the shop.

“I put it down to a bad experience and thought someone had let their dog do it. I thought it must have been a large dog that wasn’t feeling very well.

“On Tuesday morning, I had an appointment to attend and as I left the shop I was met by yet another large deposit.

“Because we were unsure of why this kept happening and who was allowing it, we decided to check the CCTV footage to see what was going on.

“You can imagine our shock and dismay to discover what we have now seen.”

Stunned employees watched the security footage which showed the brazen toilet-goer do the foul deed then pull up her leggings and casually walk away.

Having seen the footage they were forced to clean up the faeces and used tissue off the floor on both occasions knowing where it had come from.

Jim claims he hasn’t released the footage to ‘harm or shame’ the serial pooper, but to warn her not to return.

Jim said: “I have never seen the woman before, she isn’t a customer of ours.

“She was around her mid-twenties, a jogger and wearing a rucksack.

“I was more than prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt. I suspect she was caught short.

“Once is unfortunate, twice is a coincidence but I really don’t want a third time.

“I wanted to release the footage purely as a deterrent. If this was to happen again, I will be forced to hand the footage over to the authorities.

“Our staff have had to clean this up.

“The perpetrator of this incident is obviously in need of assistance of some sort and all of us at Porter’s Liquor Pyrmont sincerely hope that they receive the appropriate assistance.

“We don’t wish them any harm or shame but we do wish that they cease using our rear lane as a point of relief as it is particularly distasteful having to clean up the remains.”