Offbeat Viral

By Ben Walley

This heart-stopping footage shows a daredevil balancing on the balcony railing of a skyscraper – without any ropes or safety lines.

In the stomach-churning clip, Nikita Deft, 21, can be seen looking over the edge of the balcony of a 45 storey building in Shanghai, China before leaping onto the balcony rail.

In a series of terrfying scenes, he then begins to balance himself walking across the narrow metal bar, his arms outstretched while he balances himself, inches away from death.

“It was very dangerous because if I had slipped then it would have been the end of me! I’m glad I did it though, the adrenaline rush I got when I stepped out onto the railings was amazing.”

In a final flourish, Nikita decided to balance on the edge of the building

Nikita said: “I feel confident at any height. I’ve had great training that’s given me confidence.

“I love to do what other people consider to be impossible. You never do this for money.

I spend most of my time training, almost every day. I’m going to carry on doing these videos for as long as I can.”