Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A group of orcas appeared very close to the shore of a pod in Scotland- leaving speechless the visitors watching them.

The beautiful animals were recorded swimming, getting as closer to the shore as possible, in South Nesting Bay, Shetland Mainland, Scotland, on 9 of July.

Nick Littlefair, who took the video, was in the area doing the ‘ultimate Shetland tour’, along with a guide and seven other travellers.

He could see the orcas from far away for some time- but when he realised they were getting close to the shore, he decided it was time to start recording.

Naturally more people gather to watch the playful orcas and snap pictures.

He said: “We could see them out at sea for over an hour but they came in very close for maybe ten minutes.

“We were alerted that they were at South Nesting Bay and we drove there from further south.

“I personally have never seen anything like this before.

“Everyone who I know who has seen the video is amazed – locals told me that most Shetlanders have never seen this – although it is common to see them further out.