Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave

This enthusiastic sheepdog bit off a little more than he could chew – attempting to herd a tractor down a country lane.

The hardworking pooch was filmed weaving back and forth behind the tractor’s right rear tyre, encouraging it to head down the hill.

After leaping out of the vehicle’s cabin to set a herd of sheep on their way, the dog quickly turned its attention to the tractor in an effort to get it to budge.

After herding it several hundred metres and reaching a crossroads, the sheepdog then darted out from behind the tractor after realising the ‘sheep’ had gone the wrong way.

The dog’s three-legged colleague, who had been sticking to the task of herding actual sheep all along, then follows the herd and the tractor towards a farm near Boscastle in Cornwall.

Julie Ferguson, 47, filmed the footage while on holiday with her family in Cornwall after getting stuck behind the hilarious scene.

Supervisor Julie from Haverhill, Suffolk, said: “The dog was just adorable. It was weaving in and out as if it was herding the tractor.


“At one point it also went around in an attempt to steer it into a side lane.

“It just looked so happy and comfortable and it just made me laugh.

“They just didn’t have a care in the world, it was wonderful to watch.

“We were following for around two and a half minutes altogether.

“At first we saw the sheep dog herding them, then they ran in front of the tractor, so the dog got into the cab of the tractor.

“The sheep got a bit scared, so the tractor stopped, and the driver opened the door and let the other sheep dog out.

“We were stuck behind the tractor, but we didn’t care, we were loving it.


“At least we had some entertainment and we weren’t just following a tractor for almost three minutes.

“We were just two people on holiday who witnessed something we would usually pay for, yet they do it every day.

“I think it was the highlight of my whole holiday.”

When Julie first noticed the sheepdog was following the tractor she admits she felt a bit nervous about the dog going under the wheels.

Julie said: “At first I did feel quite scared for the dog.

“The wheels of the tractor are so big and I was worried that the dog was going to end up under them.

“But I realised it had probably done this so many times before that I didn’t need to worry.

“It just looked so comfortable and laid back about it.”