Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This is the stomach-turning moment a daring highliner’s attempts to become “the first person in the world” to land a double backflip didn’t quite to plan, as the daredevil unfortunately dislocating his shoulder in the process.

In the painful-to-watch footage, daring Ben Schneider can be seen bouncing on the line before jumping and rotating twice in the air – a successful start to the trick, he thought.

Pic by Reckless Ben / Caters

As he attempted to land the maneuver, however, 22 year-old Ben’s luck changed, as he caught the underside of his right armpit on the line, popping his shoulder out of place in the process.

In agony, Ben was left to dangle, screaming, before his friends helped him return to land in the mountains of Golden, Colorado, on June 26.

What made the injury more difficult to take for Ben, from Cincinnati, Ohio, was that this was not the first time such a double backflip attempt ended in disaster.

Weeks earlier, the daredevil dislocated his shoulder attempting the trip for the first time, declaring that day that if he were to return to highlining, he would not be able to leave the line until he landed the world-first trick.

Pic by Reckless Ben / Caters

Ben, who remains determined to land the trick, said: “Once I heal I definitely want to be the first person in the world to land it.

“My friends can’t believe how determined I was. 

“I was so determined to land this trick that I told them that I wasn’t going to finish slacklining until I either landed the double backflip or until I seriously injured myself.  

“I didn’t think I was actually going to injure myself, but I guess that day just wasn’t my day and I left knowing at least I gave it my all.”

Ben spent a total of six hours trying to land the trick that day in Colorado.

After his friends unsuccessfully attempted to pop his should back into place, the group decided to head down the mountain to get help.

Pic by Reckless Ben / Caters

Ben added: “I knew instantly my arm was out of socket, but unlike last time it didn’t go back in. 

“At first, I was in shock that my shoulder was still out and my biggest fear had just come true. 

“The pain kept getting worse and worse by the second. 

“When I was finally able to get off the slackline, my friend unsuccessfully tried popping it back in but it only made it worse. 

“After about 30 minutes of not knowing what to do, we finally made the decision to try to go down the dangerous mountain.”