Video Viral


This shocking footage shows a car speeding into the window of a California storefront. 

 Brandy Bacon, 34, of Moreno Valley, California, USA, was in a shopping center parking lot on Monday, when she noticed the Volkswagen Golf had caused damage to the car behind it. 

 She instantly pressed the record button on her phone at the time when the coupe was pushing the cars parked in front of it out of the way.  

 With its tires squeaking, the vehicle sped up before crashing into the front window of a gym.    

 Police arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, after bystanders called 911 prior to the collision.  

The driver has not been identified. 

Brandy said: “I pulled up to the grocery store to get some lemonade and saw a commotion in the parking lot — tires screeching, horn honking and instantly just hit record on my phone.

“At the time that I started filming, the driver had already moved the Honda behind it and was pushing the two cars in front of it.   

“I was just confused. You wonder what leads people to do things like this. 

‘When the car crashed into the store front, I was in pure shock. I thought it was just going to exit the parking lot.”