By Jamie Smith

The moment a majestic osprey swooped down to catch dinner has been caught on camera by a determined photographer who hid for hours to get the crystal clear image.

Patrick Marshall spent an excruciating three hours cooped up in a water hide at Hornmill Trout Farm in Oakham, Peterborough to make sure he caught the blink and you’ll miss it moment in perfect clarity.

Pic by Patrick Marshall/Caters News

The 58-year-old, a financial adviser from London, was thrilled when he finally spotted an osprey descending towards the water to pluck out an unsuspecting fish.

Luckily Patrick had the wind behind him so the bird flew straight towards him – making the final image even more dramatic.

He said: “I set myself a goal at the beginning of 2017 to get a shot of an Osprey taking a fish out of the water and then set about making it happen.

Pic by Patrick Marshall/Caters News

“On my second attempt I got my shots from one dive but I had to wait three hours for it to happen.

“The speed of the bird is intimidating at first. When the bird hits the water you have about three seconds to get your shots and then it will be gone.

“The Osprey hits the water like a brick, feet first and grabs the fish and in a split second turns the fish so that it is in the correct position aerodynamically for the Osprey to take off .

Pic by Patrick Marshall/Caters News

“An Osprey always takes off into the wind so when this was taken the wind was coming from behind the hide I was in and as a result the bird flew straight towards me which was lucky.

“Birds in flight is considered to be one of the hardest shots to get in wildlife photography and achieving my goal and getting 10 good images from one dive and each one different in terms of what action the Osprey is doing is a bonus.

“All of these shots were taken within three seconds.The night I took this I could barely sleep and I was on a natural high for days afterwards.

“Mission accomplished.”