Animals Video

By David Aspinall 

This breath-taking footage shows a diver climbing up a hill from the world’s second deepest blue hole. 

As Sachiko Fukumoto made her way up from the edge of Dean’s Blue Hole off coast of The Bahamas, the video captured by diving partner William Trubridge looks like something from another planet.

Clinging on to a large rock, the 36-year-old Japanese freediver, takes big steps up the sandy bank leading away from the blue abyss.

 Wearing nothing but a bikini and goggles to aid her on her 10-metre dive, Sachiko, who has been diving for five years, makes climbing up the hill a breeze. 

William, 38 from New Zealand, said: “Sachiko said she was worried she may topple over into the carrying the rock.

“Walking up the banks is definitely more challenging than diving into the blue hole.

“After she’d got past that, it was a really quick process to capture her ascent. 

“The depth at the edge is 10 metres so she made her way up speedily.

“We enjoy experimenting and coming up with ideas for videos that give a different view of the underwater world.”

Dean’s Blue Hole is 202 metres deep making it only second to the Dragon Hole in the South China Sea.