Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This daring skydiver showcased incredible bravery and finesse when she decided to fly ‘wing-to-wing’ with an airplane during a jaw-dropping stunt. 

Though she’s been skydiving for the best part of 15 years, Katie Hansen, 33, still manages to find new ways to get her kicks – and she pushed her adrenaline meter to the maximum on July 8th, when she decided to fly wing-to-wing with an airplane.


Over a year in the making, the stunt – which was filmed by James Russell, 34, a member of Skydive Cross Keys – sees Katie gliding elegantly through the skies over Williamstown, New Jersey, before yawing towards a small carrier plane. 

Flying in perfect tandem, Katie eases herself closer and close the wing of the plane, until she’s in literal touching distance of it. 

Holding formation just inches apart, the pilot of the plane and Katie then veer off in separate directions, in perfect synchronicity, bringing an end to the dangerous but meticulously well-planned stunt. 

Confessing the stunt to be one of the “most memorable jumps” he’s ever been on, videographer and skydiver of 8 years, James, who believes this is the first time this stunt has been attempted involving this type of plane, said: 

“Katie is an amazing wingsuit pilot and it was a pleasure for me to be able to fly this with her. 


“It was pretty intense for me.

“When doing something like this, you want to enjoy the view but you’re also hyper-focused on what you’re doing because, as you can imagine, it’s pretty dangerous to fly near an airplane. 

“It’s a combination between not thinking about anything and analyzing everything at the same time. 

“I’ve done some pretty exciting stuff in this sport, but this has been one of the most memorable jumps I will ever have.

“Once the plane pulled away, all the pressure was off and that’s when I really started to feel like we had done something amazing. 

“We were all overwhelmed with excitement to bring it all together.“