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Meet the helpful hound who fetches baseball bats from the pitch and even delivers water to the umpires.

There’s no doubt that ‘Jack the Diamond dog’ is a retriever, as he’s constantly lending a hand by carrying items for his fellow teammates.

The adorable footage that was filmed on July 11, by Nicole Andersen at Huntington Park, in Columbus, Ohio, USA, show’s the caring canine at work.

After one of the batsman darts off to the nearest base, Jack steps into action happily hopping onto the field to bring back the bat for the next member of the team.

Wagging his tail throughout the whole time, golden retriever Jack looks happy to be of service and is quickly becoming a ‘fan favourite’ among the crowds and dubbed ‘the best darn dog in baseball’.

Nicole said: “It was the Triple-A All-Star Game and this golden retriever, known as Jake the Diamond Dog, is a well-known baseball helper. 

“Earlier in the game, he delivered waters to umpires via basket in between innings. However he only did the bat retrieval for one inning. 

“I have not seen this happen before, but he is semi-well known.”