Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

This cute dog was caught on camera riding his friend the horse and play with him.

The two adorable animals have many fans all over the internet- they perform a number of stunts and have many talents.

Pic from Isobel Springett/Caters News 

Dally a nine year old Jack Russel and Spanky a ten year old miniature horse.

Francesca Carson, who works with the successful double,  captured the video of Dally riding Spanky around the 100-acre ranch, in Spokane, Washington, USA. 

She rescued Spanky when he was only two years old and very aggressive-but now he has find a great family and Dally- his best friend. 

Pic from Isobel Springett/Caters News 

While Spanky was being trained, learning tricks and stunts, Dally gradually started participating- and that’s how Dally ended up riding Spanky. 

Francesca travels with her partner Steve Rother, teaching people how create willing partnerships with their horses-also does shows and charity events with Dally and Spanky.

Francesca said: “It helps kids understand horses and dogs and promote rescuing animals that are unwanted. 

Pic from Isobel Springett/Caters News

“They have a book of their true story and 20% of the proceeds go to charity- We will be also filming The “Dally and Spanky” movie this September. 

“Except for incredible balance, a lot of trust is also needed, between dog and horse. 

“These animals have an incredible bond- Dally is the only dog able to ride a horse bareback and without a bridle – even over jumps.”