Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

This hilarious dad enjoyed some unexpected rain by running into the street in just a pair of Speedos and a snorkel belting out Peter Andre’s smash hit ‘Mysterious Girl’.

In the video taken by his amused wife Michelle, 50-year-old Phil Barton enjoyed going for a dip in his back garden before taking to the road and doing his rain dance under an overflowing gutter.

Michelle, 41, and son Ross, 20, were stunned as the delivery driver copied the singer’s 1996 cult music video while dirty water poured onto his head.

Ross claims his dad is well known for his embarrassing dancing at weddings and is always the life and soul of the party.

Ross from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “It was really funny. He was doing some kind of Peter Andre impression.

“It had been red hot for weeks before and he was watching the downpour.

“Then he ran and put on his snorkel and swimming trunks and just ran out into the street.

“He’s a nutter – he was soaked and freezing afterwards.

“He said ‘that was bloody freezing’ and then had a proper shower to get all the moss from the gutter off him. My mum had to put his trunks in the wash afterwards.

“I was being sensible staying out of the rain while he ran around getting soaked.”

Ross claims his mum was stopped by their neighbours on her way to work after his dad went viral overnight.

Ross said: “He just thought it would be funny.

“Dad’s always joking around. He’s known as a bit of a prankster. All of our family are the same.

“Luckily at the time my neighbours didn’t see him in the flesh, but they saw the video online.

“When my mum left for work this morning they were talking to her about it and thought it was hilarious.

“He was actually running around like that for over a minute.

“We’ve just been laughing at it every time we watch it. I don’t think he’s really too bothered that he’s become quiet the celebrity.

“Whenever we’re at a family wedding he’ll be doing stupid dance moves and make everyone laugh.

“He’s the life and soul of the party.

“I have a younger brother who’s 19 and he saw the video and couldn’t believe it.”

This isn’t the first time Phil has done something outrageous to make his family laugh.

Michelle claims only two months ago, her husband noticed it was Naked Gardening Day and sent her a video of him gardening in the buff.

Michelle said: “This is nothing out of the ordinary.

“He loves playing jokes on us – he did a video for Naked Gardening Day in May too.

“He was covered in mud because the water was coming from a downspout. I still had the remnants in my bath later that day as I’d not had time to clean up after him.

“Our next door neighbours didn’t see him in the street but they said as soon as they saw it online they jumped up and couldn’t believe they’d missed it.

“Luckily no-one drove past as it was pouring it down.”