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 Taniya Dutta

An Indian girl who barely stands 23 inches tall is revered by her villagers for being God’s special child.

Parisikha Das is one of the smallest people in the world. She is 11 years old but one look at her and she could pass off as a toddler.

The adorable girl weighs only 22 pounds-the same weight of a six-month old and cannot talk or walk and spends her day in her mother’s lap.

But in her tiny village in Kolmoguri in Assam in northeast India, people are so fond of the tiny ‘toddler’ that they come from far off places to meet her and take her blessings.

“My daughter is the most loved child in the village. Everyone loves her. They come to meet her and even though she cannot talk, people sit with her and play for hours,” said Rekha Das, the mother.

But for Rekha, 42, and her husband Ajit Das, 44, who both stand 5’3 and 5’5 feet tall respectively, accepting their youngest child’s condition was not always easy.

Rekha says: “My older children, a girl, 13 and a boy, 15, are healthy and normal built so when I conceived the third time, I had no worries. In fact, I didn’t face any health problem throughout my pregnancy.

“But I never took any injection or any medicine during my pregnancy and had a normal delivery. She was a weak child but we did not realise she was suffering from any disease until she stopped growing after two years of age.”

The devastated couple took Parisikha to several local doctors but none could diagnose her condition.

“We were told she suffers from thyroid and that only specialised doctors can treat her. But in the lack of money we could not take her to big hospitals. She has not grown in nine years. She does not even have a complete set of teeth. This worries me. I love my child but I am worried about her future.”

The parents are hoping for medical help that can diagnose Parisikha’s condition and help her live a normal life.