This rock-tossing otter was out to prove she can succeed where goalie Jordan Pickford failed after playing an impressive game of catch in the wild.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

The mummy otter showed off her spectacular skills during the energetic display at Moss Landing State Beach in Monterey Bay, California.

Photographer, Jodi Frediani, caught the incredible performance on camera and said it looked as though the sea otter was practising her goalkeeping skills as her bemused pups and a goup of tourists watched on.

She said: “Southern sea otters are known for their tool use, carrying a favourite stone with them to help crack open shells, so they can extract the meaty goodness of crabs, clams, muscles and other shelled seafood.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

“This otter mum decided to take a break from the hard work of feeding on clams and muscles to play catch with her favourite shell-breaking stone.

“Tossing it this way and that, spinning around, splashing, then tossing it again, she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Who knows, she might have been dreaming of playing in the Otter World Cup.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

“She even seemed to use this stone as a kind of good luck charm, appearing to kiss it in-between tosses and in-between diving down to smack at another clam in the slough floor.

“She was completely unfazed by photographers and gawkers quietly watching from the edge of the road, just meters away.

“Her large pup was a short distance off feeding herself, all the while keeping an eye on mom’s antics.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

“When not in use, otters will stow their favourite stone in an arm pit, often keeping the same one for years.”