Animals Video

By Nelson Groom

He might have won legions of fans for his bouncy personality, but this Insta-famous sausage dog has yet to learn that he is not in fact a kangaroo.

King Kingsley has been caught on camera standing up on his hindlegs and watching a mob of roos bound past his home on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Sadly, the feeling is not mutual – when the two-year-old waddled outside to greet what he thought was his tribe, the startled roos quickly dispersed.

Owner Emma Hill, 25, said the curious canine often chases after the local roos – but this was the first time she saw him imitate their gait.


Emma, a marketer, said; “This is the first time I have seen him try to imitate a kangaroo.”

“He usually chases after them or sneaks up on them, one time he snuck up on one and nearly got his tail.”

“The first time he saw the mob he had this itch to chase after them. We live on a golf course, so we get a lot of roos.”

Kingsley, who boasts an impressive 127,000 Instagram followers, has enjoyed a high impact lifestyle since moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney two years ago.

Snapshots show the short-legged wiener hitting the beach, getting behind the wheel of a car and even enjoying a stiff drink at a bar.

But Emma does worry he might be getting too close for comfort with the local wildlife– and admitted she keeps a close eye on him.  

Emma said: “I worry about him getting too close to the kangaroos as are they are wild and not pet friendly! It would be putting him in danger.”