Amazing Video

By Ben Walley

A father surprised his son with tickets to his favourite musical in a touching video after discovering a passion for American history.

Most boys are interested in video games or playing football, but 12-year-old Joseph Ventimiglia, fell in love with the musical, Hamilton, after watching YouTube clips and before long was hooked on the founding father of the United States.

Dad, Joseph Ventimiglia Senior, decided to surprise him with tickets for the show about the life of the American founding father, Alexander Hamilton, who created the nation’s financial system.

The 43-year-old dad of five, from Wyoming, Minnesota, said: “I was quite taken back by my son asking about Hamilton and the founding fathers.

“I went with it, to discover later on about the play Hamilton when Joey kept on listening to the soundtrack on YouTube.

Pic by Joseph Louis Ventimiglia/Caters News

“We were both hooked and he starting telling me facts about Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, King George, La Fayette etc.”

“The tickets came in the mail, I opened them and without hesitation grabbed my I phone and decided to record the event.”

Joseph was thrilled to discover he would be going to see the play as he his dad sent a picture of the ticket directly to his Ipad.

Joesph Senior said: “I sent a picture of the tickets as I walked up the stairs, and he immediately started asking about Hamilton.

“Then his face was just pure joy, no words, just emotion by the end as we were both in tears.”