Animals Video

By James Somper

These stunning images show a heart-warming moment between two rare elephants.

Captured in Amoseli in Kenya, the photos show two elephant twins in the iconic Masai Mara.

The two elephants are believed to be the first pair of elephant twins born since the 1980s.

Norman Watson, 46, an oil and gas worker who took the photos said that he spent several days searching for the twins in the depths of the savanna.

PIC FROM Norman Watson / Caters News

He said: “On arrival we found there are lots of elephants in Amboseli. There are  hundreds and in big family groups which is amazing to see but really difficult to find twins and very small twins at that.

“It wasn’t going to be easy. On the second day however we got lucky when we saw two tiny grey bumps following a mum in the long grass.

Norman said that the experience was worth the wait.

“It was amazing to witness and spend a few moments with while getting on with their lives wild and free, mum doing an outstanding job in guiding them, obviously very experienced. A boy and a girl!”

Norman’s wonderful images show the twins playing around with their mother as well as the tender moment of both of them wrapping their trunks together.

“There was lots of food around due to there being good rains this year so they looked super healthy and i’m sure with their amazing mum will grow big and strong!

“It was definitely one of my photography highlights.”