Life Video

By Ben Walley

Watch as a colour blind bridegroom is given enchroma glasses on his wedding day – by his new wife!

Enchroma glasses help those who are colour blind to see properly, and usually cost a small fortune. 


But Blaire Ahlers, 24, thought they would be the perfect gift for her husband, Griffin, as they’d enable him to see everything in technicolour.

Griffin, 24, from North Carolina said: “I put them on and truth be known my whole life changed. 

“I could see colour I hadn’t before, everything was brighter and more vibrant than I had ever seen. 

“I walked outside to see the difference and that is when I really couldn’t control my emotions. 


“Right when I walked outside and saw the colours I couldn’t help but cry. 

“It was like looking at a bad TV from the 90s to looking at a brand new 4K TV.”

Griffin said that even though getting married was the best thing that ever happened to him, it was getting the glasses that actually changed his life!