By Jack Williams

These adorable squirrels are certainly nuts about cycling, as they were more than happy to partake in a Tour de France-themed shoot ahead of this weekend’s start to the famous race.

The playful red squirrels were treated to an array of props by photographer Geert Weggen – from the their very own storied yellow jersey, to miniature bikes and an Eiffel Tower.

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters

In other scenes, the cute critters can be seen standing on a podium, riding their bikes with a French flag attached, and crossing Geert’s homemade finish line.

The photographer snapped the scenes in his garden in Bispgarden, Sweden, last month.

Geert’s studio is connected to a forest, which, he said, provides the perfect location to set up such scenes.

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters

Having been working on such portraits from five years – including squirrel weddings and soccer scenes – the photographer knows exactly where to place the likes of treats and lines to entice the animals in.

Geert, 49, said: “I was working at some sport series and had done some cycling shots.

“When I looked up when the Tour de France started, I saw that I had time to work at this theme.

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters

“In this theme, a bicycle was the main thing to include.

“I thought of some things that happen during the Tour – like a finish line, a podium and a flag.

“I had no yellow jersey and thought about skipping that idea.

“This was a good change to use my sewing machine out for the first time!”