Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

Meet the ‘threenager’ diva tot who loves spending every day causing mayhem – with daily antics that include pranking her mum, nibbling whole blocks of cheese and bossing about her family.

Hallé Rodgers, who turns three on July 19, also enjoys wreaking havoc by decorating walls with black eyeliner, painting the sofa with Sudocrem and giving her mum Chantelle Rodgers first-grade sass.


As well as her mischief, the hilarious toddler is known for pottering about calling everyone ‘my darling’ and mega tantrums when her mum fails to fuel her eight-yoghurt-a-day habit.

Despite being a bit of a nightmare, who has her dad Clive Rodgers, 27, wrapped around her little finger, 26-year-old receptionist Chantelle says Hallé is the ‘life and soul’ of their family.

The little girl’s ‘three going on 13’ attitude and notorious ‘side-eye’ constantly has her parents, brother Tyler Rodgers, five, and sister Evie Rodgers, eight months, in stitches.

Chantelle from Falmouth, Cornwall, said: “Ever since Hallé could walk, this mischievous side has come out.

“Anyone who knows us will tell you she is the boss of the family, especially when it comes to her dad. She rules him.

“Clive is 6’3” so he’s a big stocky guy but when it comes to Hallé, she has him wrapped around her little finger.


“The temper on her is crazy but my god is it hilarious. She is a proper diva. I call her my sassy, side-eye little miss.

“She is obsessed with dairy. She goes through 18-24 yoghurts every few days. And if she doesn’t get those yoghurts she sulks.

“Every day I go into the fridge and find Hallé-sized bite marks in our block of cheese. I’ve tried wrapping it in tin foil and hiding it as soon as I buy it but she always finds it.

“I even tried grating it all and hiding it in a bowl but the next time I went into the kitchen there were just little bits of cheese over the floor and an empty bowl in the fridge. When you confront her she says ‘no, not Hallé’.

“Getting her to bed is always eventful. One night she managed to make it all the way downstairs and smother the sofa in Sudocrem without making a sound. I still haven’t got all the marks out.

“On another occasion she got hold of my eyeliner and when Clive and I came upstairs the carpets, the walls, the bedding, everything was covered.


“Another time I heard her wake up and go to the bathroom so I went in to check on her and I just caught sight of a baby on the toilet.

“I panicked because Evie was asleep in the next room. It turned out to be Hallé’s doll. She is such a rascal.

“When she’s not causing utter chaos, she is trying to give me a heart attack. She can be a bit of a nightmare and with three under five I definitely have my hands full.

“I feel like the Tasmanian Devil spinning around my house after Hallé as she causes mayhem. But I couldn’t do without her. She is the life and soul of our family, a real force to be reckoned with.

“She is pure entertainment and she makes us all laugh so much, especially her little sister. You can be having the worst day and spending two minutes with Hallé will brighten it.”

The feisty toddler’s shenanigans means Hallé has also developed quite the reputation with other mums on the school run and family and friends also keen to find out what she’s been up to.


While she may be a purveyor of chaos, Hallé also has a ‘mother hen’ side and insists on getting herself, her brother and her sister dressed in the morning – sometimes with a few too many hair accessories.

Hallé will also tell off her parents if they don’t do the washing up right away and bellows orders through the house if someone is stomping around upstairs.

And every mess she creates, the tot will attempt to clean up although sadly – as in the sofa versus Sudocrem incident – this can sometimes make it worse.

As the youngster is already bursting with attitude, Chantelle dreads to think what Hallé will be like when she actually reaches her teens, jokingly anticipating at least a couple of calls from the police.

But the mum is keen to enjoy the many, many laughs provided by her gorgeous girl while they last – and documents all of Hallé’s exploits in funny photos and videos.


Chantelle said: “As well as her mischievous side, Hallé is quite the mother hen. She’s always bossing us about.

“If someone is walking around upstairs and they’re stomping a bit Hallé will shout up ‘stop banging’ and if they don’t she’ll shout again ‘I told you to stop banging’. She is a funny little thing.

“She loves getting everyone dressed in the morning and if she comes into the living room and her dad and I have left a couple of cups lying around she’ll go ‘ooh it’s messy in here’.

“Then she comes in and offers to do the washing up. She’s also always trying to clean up after herself when she makes a mess, bless her.

“Even when she covered the sofa in cream, I found her with a baby wipe trying to clean it up. Unfortunately she was just rubbing it in.

“Hallé is proper Cornish as well. So she’s always going around calling people ‘my darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ which just adds to her sass.


“She has developed quite the reputation on the school run. When everyone can hear Hallé’s screams from a mile off they know it’s us. And people always ask about her.

“Everyone in the family is their own character in their own way but Hallé is definitely the mouthiest one.

“She is definitely a threenager. She’s only just about to turn three but you’d think she was turning 13. I’m dreading to think what my life is going to be like when she’s actually a teenager.

“I’m going to have police knocking on the door and we are going to be like ‘what’s Hallé done now?’.

“Joking aside this might be the easiest I ever have it but I wouldn’t change Hallé for the world. Her, her brother and her sister are my life. And we all have so many laughs.”